A Haunted House Story

I do not have a name, but I’ve been called many things. I have been called a demon, a ghost, a poltergeist, a spirit and even the boogeyman. However, I have no memory from before this incorporeal existence to confirm or deny any such names. I have no eyes yet I can see, I have […]

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Red Doors

It is easy for the lost and the outcasts to find solace in technology. When you are lonely, you grab hold of anything that grants you comfort and eases your pain. Robert was such a person. He spent his days on forums and comment sections seeking out validation in his existence. He has never met […]

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Gregg lived the life of a shut in. A recent college dropout something inside his mind had cracked from the social pressure. He convinced himself he only needed some time, time enough to sort out his life and get back on track. However as he waited his little apartment filled with trash, and the stink […]

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I dreamed that I was in a room. I saw myself standing next to me over and over. They were all me, and I was them. All parts of a greater whole. I could feel what each of them felt, and think what each thought. Then suddenly one such copy of me was stabbed repeatedly […]

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A Haunted Doll Story

It’s absurd that I would die this way, its absurd anyone could die this way.It’s preposterous but I can feel the warmth of the flames grow closer, unable to move all I can do is search my memories and try to discover what I have done to deserve this fate. My name is Elizabeth Downs. […]

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They say my family is cursed. That the children of house Amseli are fated to die young. A curse put on us because of a vile ancestor who was said to study alchemy or made a deal with Satan. My grandfather was said to have moved us to New England to escape our fate. I […]

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Snow and Shadow

When it was cold and dark I would see them. Dark shadows that would chase me, always reaching out to grab me. No one else could see them, making my fear seem like madness. I would come to question my own sanity as well. Even now I think that perhaps all I experienced was nothing […]

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From the sea

  August 20 1937   To whom it may concern, my name is Frank Roberts. If you are reading this note then I am likely dead. If my plan succeeds then this note has been found among my possessions at my family estate. Perhaps it is selfish of me to write this note, In which […]

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Am not crazy

-This story is written in response to the creepy pasta book club and inspired by the book. “Them, adventures with extremists” “Am not crazy” my patient liked to remind me. That meeting would mark the last of the  peace and balance my mind possessed. I am Doctor Nathan North, my job was to examine a […]

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