It Feeds On Nightmares

I have a strange talent. I don’t dream like normal people. All my dreams are nightmares. Not my nightmares, never my own but others. Friends, family, strangers, It doesn’t matter. I would find myself inside their minds as I slept. Seeing what they dreamed like a peeping tom outside a window. But what I found […]

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Edgar Allan Poe

Today, 208 years ago, Edgar Allan Poe was born. In his honor, I want to post one of his poems that I recently used part of in my own story. Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angels only, Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT, On a black throne […]

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Survival of the Coyote

Writing has always been a way for me to organize my thoughts. However, for the past couple years it has been a luxury I simply couldn’t afford. Yet here I sit, alone, far from home and all I want to do is write about what has happened to my life because I fear this may […]

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Gregg lived the life of a shut in. A recent college dropout something inside his mind had cracked from the social pressure. He convinced himself he only needed some time, time enough to sort out his life and get back on track. However as he waited his little apartment filled with trash, and the stink […]

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I dreamed that I was in a room. I saw myself standing next to me over and over. They were all me, and I was them. All parts of a greater whole. I could feel what each of them felt, and think what each thought. Then suddenly one such copy of me was stabbed repeatedly […]

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Dead and Buried

I buried my grandfather last week. A deplorable man who made the lives of everyone around him miserable. He left me with nothing but bad memories and debt. I wished him dead every day till he passed away at the overdue age of ninety one. I was the one that cared for him, and I […]

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Alexander dreamed. The 22 year old stood in front of a bus that has pulled up next to him. The doors opened towards him and he stepped into the steel opening. A handful of tokens drop from his hand into a cone shaped hole designed to take change. The driver turns in his seat and […]

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