Creepy and True: Face Blindness

  Face Blindness, Prosopagnosia, is a disorder that impairs your ability to recognize faces. While other cognitive functions remain the same you have trouble recognizing the faces of your friends, family, and even your own. In some cases your brain will tell you recognize strangers you never met before. The difference between a friend and […]

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Shadow of memorys

There exists a monster that feeds not on blood and meat but your mind and memory’s. A creature that is made of shadows, it is incorporeal. It cannot be harmed by any material weapon. It lurks in moments of forgetfulness and déjà vu. Each time it strikes you lose a bit of yourself. Stealing your […]

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Tommy was always bullying her. “Pig” “Pig” he call her over and over again. The teachers and staff at school always ignore the twelve year old picking on his classmate, jenny. An obese girl she quickly caught Tommy’s ridicule. He made it his mission to make sure every school day was miserable for her, and […]

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  Most elevators are sealed boxes, you feel movement but you can’t see it. Without the blinking lights or a way to tell the time can you tell how long you have traveled? LED lights and dinging noises where created to show just what floor you are on for your convenience. There are many who […]

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  “Staring” Alice thought to herself “Why is this woman staring at me?” It was early, and Alice commuted to work by bus. It was often busy, and many looked at their phones or the windows without giving much mind to their fellow commuters. However on this trip, the elderly woman who recently sat across […]

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A Walk Home

The Wind howled. I wrapped my scarf tight around my neck in hopes it would not blow away. The streets are dark and empty while fences rattled against their posts.  It was going to rain soon, it likely be a large storm. I left the bar early in hopes of getting home before it started. […]

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