By Route Obscure and Lonely

Have you ever had a dream where you were somewhere you did not belong? Perhaps you were back at your childhood home, school, or old Job. You panic as you’re unsure what you are supposed to be doing and everything seems off. Soon reality seeps its way into your dream and you remember you don’t […]

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A Haunted Doll Story

It’s absurd that I would die this way, its absurd anyone could die this way.It’s preposterous but I can feel the warmth of the flames grow closer, unable to move all I can do is search my memories and try to discover what I have done to deserve this fate. My name is Elizabeth Downs. […]

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Prince of Flies

He is the prince of flies. Once just a mean little boy of twelve years old with the habit of picking the wings off the backs of flies before he crush and kill them in all manner of ways. Such cruelty often goes unnoticed to the world of adults, but there are other worlds who […]

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Magic Trick

She was a performer, he was a magician. Alby and Harry made a living by entertaining others. Traveling from town to town, state to state they awed people with their tricks. Harry kept the audience’s attention with flair, magic hats, wands, magic tricks and fire breathing. Alby was a pretty young lady, often playing the […]

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