On the fourth floor of a particular hotel an elevator door opens late one night. A man named Michael proceeds to enter before his senses alerted him to danger. The elevator shaft was nothing but darkness, the doors had opened but the elevator was not on his floor. Another step or two and Michael would of plummeted into the darkness. Air seemed to push in and out of the empty shaft like the breath of a giant.

Submitting to his curiosity Michael peeked his head up and down the shaft. He could make out the bottom of the elevator a floor or two above him, making no movement. Satisfied that the elevator was simply malfunctioning Michael was about to move towards the stairs before his eyes turned downward. An abyss was before the young man, dark and seemingly endless. Shaking his head Michael know it could not be truly endless. Curiosity once again overtook him as he pulled out his phone to try and light the path.

The screen of the phone produced a light glow, enough to see the bottom of the shaft. Still dark, but just enough light to know that it was there. Before his curiosity was satisfied however something moved away from the light. In the dark he could make out what seemed like a mass of snakes or tentacles crawling on the floor. Not just the floor but the wall just below him as well. Before he could react a tentacle reached out like lightning and wrapped around his arm, pulling him down into the darkness.

Michael had fallen four floors. Landing on a hard metal spring that supports the elevator while it sits on the ground floor. His body was broken, as was his neck. Paralyzed and unable to move. His phone sat near him on the dirty ground, screen cracked but still producing a small glow. His head faced upwards towards the light of the hallway he had fallen from. He could not move his head to look for the thing that pulled him. Suddenly the light started to fade as the doors closed. The sound of machines filled the shaft. Someone was using the elevator. The bottom of the elevator slowly came into sight. Michael wanted to scream for help but his body would not respond. He was stuck in a way that he was balanced on top of the spring that broke him and some metal bars. Slowly the elevator reached the ground floor. All he could do was cry as the weight of the elevator crushed the last of his life away while its passengers disembarked without any knowledge of the life they took.

Michael’s story still remains a mystery to the hotel staff and police. His body was found several days later. Authorities still remain unaware of what caused the elevator to malfunction and security camera footage remains inconclusive as to how Michael fell down the open doors. In the end it was simply ruled an accident.


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