Man Vs….


John stepped into the ring to the sound of cheering fans. Looking near the front row, he could see his young daughter with a worried look upon her face. Two men in black suits sat behind her, waiting with ill intent in case John try backing out of the fight. The crowd gave a roar as his opponent entered the ring. A large, muscular man with dead eyes. The large man barely seemed coherent, till another little man in another black suit whispered something into his ear. The man’s dead eyes soon focused on John as both men moved to the center of the ring.

There was no ceremony or announcer to start the fight simply a bell going off after the ring was clear of all but the two fighters. John quickly puts his fists up in a boxers defense while his opponent wasted no time going on the offense. The muscular man throws a right hook aimed at John’s left forearm. The shot hit its target with inhuman strength, snapping bones.As bone broke out of skin and arm went limp the crowd cheered. Before John had time to react to his broken limb a left hook had already followed hitting his right forearm, shattering the bones inside. Both arms broken and useless the former boxer had no defense against his inhuman opponent. A jab to his right eye broke bone in his face and smashed the eye into a jelly. John fell to the floor. With only one eye left, he could see his daughter being dragged away. He wanted to yell to her, but a kick to the gut soon knocked him unconscious. The whole fight lasted only moments. Barely a warm up for his opponent, and only an opening show for the audience.

John awoke strapped to an operating table. Only his left eye was usable, but he could see enough of the horror around him. His left hand had already been removed, only a stub remained. A man in a mask was holding a saw ready to remove the right before he noticed John awake. He motioned two large men over to hold him down. There would be no anesthetic used, he was not worth it. Between John’s screaming a man readied two synthetic arms sized for John. They hoped to get him ready for another fight as soon as possible, the longer he recovered the more money was wasted. They could replace his broken body with synthetic parts as they saw fit. Increasing his fighting ability as they did. Before John passed out from the pain he wondered if he ever see his daughter again.


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