Don’t Look!


It is better to view violence and gore from the safety of a lens or camera. This protective distance allows us to view yet at the same time turn away from what we see. There are corners of the internet that specialize in the viewing of the violent and bloody. Pictures of crime scenes, accidents, and the twisted are glimpsed and judge by an audience looking at screen. They are valued as real or fake with a glance. Most people would state that they know a real corpse if they saw one, yet instances real corpse being mistaken for Halloween props have happened time and again.  While fakes of Hollywood and pranks have often been mistaken as real. The truth is what you expect to be real or fake are rarely the reality.

Nathan Evans was a casual viewers of such sites. With a love of photography he felt more than qualified to judge the authenticity of each picture. It all intrigued him. Never understanding why, but always seeking to fulfill his fascination. One day he was faced with the real thing unfiltered by a screen. He heard a scream while walking home and rushed to find the gore covered pavement. A young woman had fallen from a high-rise balcony landing on the pavement below. The sight was a shock, and made him queasy.  He didn’t know why he did it, but his instincts of an amateur photographer kicked in. Pulling out his camera and looking through the lens seemed to erase all of his unease. As sirens closed in from a distance Nathan took pictures. He captured the gore, the twisted neck and the broken body of a once young woman.

As a rush of noise surrounded him onlookers were forced away by police and other authorities. He was quickly forced back as well but he had his treasure. He snuck away while the confusion busied everyone else. Soon at his home he looked through the memory of his camera fascinated by every little detail.  Over the next week the news would cover the story as a murder. A violent death caused by a love one pushing the deceased over the ledge of the balcony. Every night after work he take a moment to admire his pictures. He considered it the best photos he had ever taken but it was not something he felt he could show people. The news quickly lost interest in the story, there was little chance the pictures could be sold. Nathan decided to upload it to his favorite gore site.

Uploading each picture to his computer he studied them for flaws. His apartment was dark lit mostly by the screen of the computer. As he admired each gore filled angle a voice spoke in a whisper seemingly behind him. “Don’t look.” Shocked, Nathan turned in his chair but only saw his empty apartment. After a moment of searching he gave up looking for the source of the sound simply attributing it to his imagination. He turned back to his current obsession on the computer screen and soon the pictures were uploaded.

Nathan sat ready at his computer for views of his work. He was ready to defend its authenticity to any naysayers and accept any compliments. As he watched he soon felt a blunt pain on his eyes. His vision blurred as massive pressure pushed down on his eyes. The pain felt like hot iron as he went blind. He screamed, and lashed out with is hands before clawing at his face to try and remove what was causing his pain but could not find anything. Soon he was on the floor in agony, his eyes smashed into nothing more than a soup that leaked out of their sockets along with blood. The pressure grew on the the bones of his skull. If he was not in utter anguish he could hear the the bones behind his eyes cracking. As Nathan’s final moments passed on the floor the first comments to his pictures were updated to the site.

Blu45-  Fake!

Bludqueen- Gross

Gorehound5- Awesome!

Alucard666- Fake.

$^#*&%90- Don’t Look!


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