Magic Trick

She was a performer, he was a magician. Alby and Harry made a living by entertaining others. Traveling from town to town, state to state they awed people with their tricks. Harry kept the audience’s attention with flair, magic hats, wands, magic tricks and fire breathing. Alby was a pretty young lady, often playing the assistant for the show. Her true talent however was in their most popular trick, the Houdini Water Torture Escape.

Each night Aldy would be lowered upside down into a tank of water with a pair of handcuffs on. A curtain would fall, then rise a little to show her struggling then fall again. When the curtain was raised for the last time she would be standing on top of the trap and take a bow. The trick would be in use of rigged handcuffs to escape out of. The top of the trap would appear to be locked, but in truth the pins would be slid out of the hinges on the lid. Lastly there was a hidden bar under the lid she could use to grab and pull herself up. Despite all of this, there was still a great danger to the trick, rushing blood could rush to her head and she would pass out, faulty equipment or panic may cause her to actually drown. Aldy know the risks but trusted her partner and her skills each night.

Harry had fallen for Aldy. He loved her, but could not bring himself to tell her. Each night as she went into the tank, his heart sank with worry. Then one day after a show while he was cleaning up he saw her. Aldy was talking to a young man, Harry had become quickly jealous, his heart broke at Aldy and the man kissed before parting. Jealousy turned to anger and hate.

The next day when it was time for the Water Trap, Henry changed the handcuffs. As his partner was lowered into the tank of water he gave her a cruel smile. Keeping the sliding pins on the tanks doors. As the curtain fell over the tank Aldy quickly realized something was wrong. Her handcuffs would not slip off like normal. She tried to get her breath of air from the trap doors at the top of the tank but they refused to open. Panic set in as she struggled for her life to escape the trap. The Curtains rose for a bit, showing her to the audience. She banged on the glass trying to get someones attention that something was wrong but it was futile. They all just sat there watching her drown. Some ate popcorn thinking it was all part of the show. As the curtains fell over her once more she started to close consciousness. One last time the curtain would rise, but instead of an escaped Aldy at the top of the box, they saw her floating in the tank lifeless. Harry gave a bow as the audience gasped and screamed.


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