Murder in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to many urban legends. Its long stretches of dark roads, woods, and farmland have created many stories that have kept children up at night. The thirteenth child of Mother Leeds would be a devil. A tree protected by the souls of a murdered family stops any that try and cut it down. The Woodbridge cemetery snake dooms any that cross its path to die. It’s hard not to think of such stories while traveling down an unlit road at night as Ashley was.

Ashley Dolan was returning from a long weekend at the shore. She drove alone, a cellphone GPS to guide the way. She drove a small but fuel efficient car with two doors and a sun roof. The mindless GPS took her away from main roads, having her take many of the dark backroads. With only her high beams to light the way, and farms on either side of her. Farms filled with corn, and other high growing vegetables it was like driving down a long endless tunnel.  Her dash light would flicker for a brief moment, her headlights would dimm. Something was wrong with her car. She pulled over to the side of the dark road, the moment the car stopped it died.

Miss Dolan was not helpless under the hood. The young woman had taken the time to learn how her car works. After trying to start the it again she noticed that she was no longer getting any power. That meant the trouble was from the alternator or the battery. She grabbed a small black flashlight she kept for emergencies and got out of the car to inspect under the hood. She could see no clear visible signs of a problem. She had just replaced the battery in the car not long ago so she suspected the alternator as the source of trouble. Without a jump, she was not going anywhere.

Ashley looked up and down the long stretch of road. The road was two lanes of black pavement. There were no streetlights and on either side of the road was only farmland for miles. It may be a long walk in the dark for help. Returning to the car she grabbed her phone. She took a glance at the GPS to see where she was, and as she suspected it was some distance to any aid. She hated the idea of calling for help, her personality strived to always be independent. However, as she debated on who to call the phone made a choice of its own as the last of its batter died. It had been used as a GPS all day and now it paid the price of not being charged in some time. A frustrated Ashley did her best not to scream and throw the now useless plastic. She tried to notice any lights coming from the farms, but the tall vegetables blocked her view. She know her best option would be to sleep in the car, wait till morning or hope a passerby stops or seek help with the sun to guide her way.

Only able to laugh at the situation she found herself in Ashley set her seat back she could see the stars in all there glory out of her sunroof. The night air was cool and the silence of the road relaxing. The setting reminding her of a childhood of camping. A calming memory, to occupy a calming moment as she slowly drifted to sleep.She awoke to the sound of a crow squawking. The sun was just rising and in the middle of the road a crow sat pecking at a purple-black snake barely hanging on to the last of its life. The scene only held Ashley’s interest for a few moments before she drifted back to sleep.

Ashley awoke again, this time the sun had fully risen. The sounds of squawking filled the air as a murder of crows surrounded the little car. They sat on telephone wires and flow above, all watching and waiting. A few of the more brave crows landed right on the hood of the car. scratching their talons across the paint, and squawking right into the shocked Ashley’s face. Shock soon turned to annoyance and frustration as she started honking the horn to scare the birds off. However they would not be moved. Now angry, she got out of the car and moved in front to knock the crows off herself.

Meanwhile a pickup truck was heading towards the sight of Ashley’s plight. It’s driver still hungover from his own night of partying sped down the road, eyes closing. The truck swerved to the side of the road where it hit the back of Ashley’s small car propelling it into her as she stood in front. The young woman was thrown to the ground, bones and organs breaking. Dazed and dieing on the road she watched as the Crows moved towards her. Their moment had come, they swooped down to make a meal of her before she even lost consciousness. The last thing Ashley would feel is the pecking and tearing of her flesh by a murder of crows.


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