My little brother is missing. He was supposed to come home when the street lights came on. However that was hours ago, any remaining sunlight has faded. Dad is already on his second job and won’t be home till sun up. Do i call the police? No, it has not been that long, its not like they care about this neighborhood anyway. I would be lucky if they bothered to write a report after 24 hours. I check the time, it’s 11pm. Shit, it’s getting late. I should of came home early to check on him. He’s 13 and should have been getting ready for school tomorrow.

Aiden has been pulling stunts like this since mom died. After the funeral, dad could no longer afford the mortgage on the house. We moved into this poor excuse for a city. I abandoned my college plans to aid him. To be honest, collage seemed pointless after her death. I mourned with a minimum wage job and nights at the bar. Aiden rebelled. Skipping school, and acting out in any way he could. I’ve tried to keep his worse crimes out of dad’s knowledge. Perhaps that’s stupid of me, but I feel he doesn’t need to have that weight on his shoulders.

I decide to check on his so called ‘friend.” A kid about Aiden’s age who lived down the street. A punk of a kid that will likely spend the rest of his life on the streets or in jail. His name is Johnny and I’ve hated him since I caught him keying cars near where i work. I called the police on the brat but nothing came of it except some insurance claims and “kids will be kids” talk out of his parents. His house was not far, and i found him in short order. I manage to explain what I wanted and he was candid, and even proud of telling me that him and Aiden had been throwing rocks through the windows of some abandoned buildings before splitting up.

Having a better idea where he was I move my search, there were many abandoned buildings in the area. Filled with graffiti, boarded windows, broken glass. The further i move into the decrepit parts of town the more nervous i felt. I know that many of broken down buildings were abandoned in name only, that low lives and the desperate often called them home. I pressed on, Johnny’s words sparked a memory of when we first moved into this city. There was one building that stood out from the endless row homes. It was a two story house, with peeling white paint. The windows on the bottom floor where boarded over, and I recall the windows on the second still held shards of glass. This broken home held similarities to our own home. Striking a nostalgic feeling in me when we first passed it, and am sure the same feeling was felt by Aiden. I started to feel confident i find my brother asleep on the floor of this old home, trying to relive a moment of his past.

Many of the streetlight’s in the area where broken, but I still know my way to my destination. I ignored the fear of darkness, and the unknown eyes from the houses around and made my way forward. It was only moments before i stood in front of it, the house stood just as i remembered. Peeling white paint, broken glass, even the graffiti seemed aged. All this may seem menacing to some, but i felt the same feelings of nostalgia. It made me think of my mother, and all the times she called me home to a house just like this one. I felt like i could hear her voice calling me again as i approached the house. There was no longer a door to bar entry into the home, i slowly stepped in letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. Calling my brothers name “Aiden!” I hoped no one but my brother would answer back to me. My thoughts returned to my mother, calling me and my brother upstairs when she needed us. It felt so long since i heard that sound, even if it only rang in my head I felt the urge to follow it up the steps. Each step moaned and creaked. Putting my hand on the railings to support my way I felt cobwebs cling to my hand. I quickly wiped my hand on my pants, snapping out of my nostalgia and remembering while i was here. I could see moonlight lighting the second floor of the home, glass crunched under my feet as i made my way to the top of the steps.

I looked around for signs of my brother. Investigating the broken glass on the floor i traced it to a window facing the front of the house. I could see a number of rocks on the ground, monuments to children’s destructive past time. My eyes were drawn to the back of the house, where there was only one room that still held a door on its hinges. The feelings of nostalgia swept over me once again as i heard my mother’s voice once more. A lullaby she used to sing to Aiden when he was a baby. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” It took me a moment to understand the sound was not in my head, but coming from that room. Quickly i ran to the door and throw it open.The lullaby was silenced the moment bursted into the room. The lighting changed, and i could not see everything at first, but there was someone in front of me, standing there in the middle of the room. She had her hands wrapped around a large belly, the unmistakable bulge of a pregnant woman. Her female form was now obvious to me as my eyes adjusted. Before i got my bearings she spoke in a soothing voice “Come to me wayward child, mommy is here.” I was speechless as i heard the familiar sound of my departed mother. “You are older than most who are called to me, but I feel you seek a mother all the same” I started to walk towards her before i stopped myself. It all felt wrong, and as my eyes adjusted i know why. The woman stood there naked, raven black hair fell her sides. Her back…oh god on her back, four more limbs stretched to each side bending forward. They looked like legs, spider legs! Counting her arms and legs she had eat limbs in all.

She smiled at my hesitation, showing fangs that could rend flesh. My feet moved back, and my mind told me to run, but i saw something else in the corner. There lay my brother motionless, blood dripped out his mouth, a sheet of web held him to the floor. The monster in front of me moved with grace, turning around to follow my eyes to my brother. “You smell like him, were you looking for him?” she said with the same voice that used to wake me up for school. “My venom has already killed him, it is digesting him into an easier meal” She said sweetly. With this a rage built up inside me, months of mourning and frustration propelled me forward as i grabbed a shard of glass off the floor. I plunged towards her, tackling the creature, glass first right into her bulging stomach. A scream unlike any I have ever heard nearly deafened me, her mouth right next to my ears as we fell to the floor. On impact with the floor i could feel her fangs sink into my neck, tearing into flesh, ripping as we fell. Almost immediately i could feel my strength draining away. The woman was not faring much better, as i rolled off and away from her, her extra limbs curled forward twitching. Blood gushed from the wound i made in her bulging stomach. No, this was not blood, spiders thousands and thousands of little spiders burst from the wound abandoning their mother like a sinking ship. She was no longer moving now, the little spiders were filling the room, I managed to crawl over to my brother in the corner. I tried to peel off the webs that held him, but I no longer had the strength to do so. Collapsing to the floor I watched as the spiders started to crawl all over me, i was powerless to move in my defense. The world turned black as they covered my face, my only grace was that i could no longer feel anything. Am coming to see you mother, me and Aiden both.

I saw my mothers face in the blackness, then my brothers. Not the face i saw in the building but his smiling face, the face he used to wear when we were all together. Then I could feel them on me, crawling making my skin itch with every movement. My body twitched in response. I was starting to regain my strength. My hands were clumsy, slapping myself now. Pushing the arachnids off with every motion. I could feel bites, but a pain on my neck was worse. I put my hands on it to feel the slime of my own blood. Blood! She was not supposed to draw blood when she bite me, i’ve bleed most the venom out. I crawled, and crawled. Each inch aching, but i refused to stop. Glass, and thousands of tiny bites would not halt my escape. I made it to the steps, most of the spiders behind me, half crawling half falling down them. At the bottom i felt like I had broken something inside me. I hold in my scream as i manage to get on my feet and stumble out the door. As i saw the moon and the street lights I let it all out, I screamed as loud as I could. Losing consciousness i see the lights of the neighboring houses turn on.


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