Tips to myself

I now have a few story’s under my belt. One even made its way to Creepypasta. What have I learned?

Were vs Where- This seemed to be a huge bad habit of mine. I misused the two words often, and it needed to be pointed out to me for me to notice. Such bad writing habits tend to work their way into your blind spots. This is why advice from other writers is so helpful.

Criticism- Speaking of advice, I need to accept criticism. This is always hard for me because I tend too take things to personally but i have been growing to accept it, and need to accept it to grow.

Proofread- for the love of…proofread your work you lazy…

Creepypasta has no edit- once you submit a story there is no fixing even the dumbest of mistakes.

I will move forward with the above in mind, and hope to become a better writer. Am even working on something at the comment. Here is a hint.


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