Tommy was always bullying her. “Pig” “Pig” he call her over and over again. The teachers and staff at school always ignore the twelve year old picking on his classmate, jenny. An obese girl she quickly caught Tommy’s ridicule. He made it his mission to make sure every school day was miserable for her, and she hated him for it.

Perhaps it is that hate that had led to Tommy’s transformation. Waking up one morning lying in the mud, a stink filled the air. Quickly looking around he saw that he was in a small pen filled with mud, yelling for help the young tommy found only a Squealing noise come out of his mouth. Shocked he tried to stand up, but could only make it to all fours. That is when he had a chance to see the hooves that where now his hands and feet.

Tommy cried in fear till a bang of the pen door being slammed opened. A tall man in mud stained boots and a black apron stood at the entrance. His hands covered in thick rubber gloves and were holding a rope. He chased the scared Tommy to the corner of the pen. Tommy tried to scream at the man “Help me, please help me!” but only a squealing noise would leave his mouth. The tall man in the apron tied the rope around tummy’s leg tightly and started to drag him out of the pen. His hooves could not get a grip as he struggled to run away.

Tommy was dragged to a forklift where two other men stood. The other end of the rope was tied to the fork on the lift. One of the men got into the forklift and the fork started to lift. It Pulled on Tommy’s leg hard as he was forced into the air upside down. He was in great pain; it felt like his leg would rip off his new body. “Please, stop!” he tried crying, but only the same squeals were made. It was then he saw the large butcher’s knife placed into the hands of the man with the rubber gloves. As the blade moved closer he gave one last scream. “Nooo! Am not a pig!!” But only squeals where heard as the man jabbed the knife into the neck of the pig, blood draining to the concrete floor, he hoped to have the pig ready for a roast before the end of the day.



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