Most elevators are sealed boxes, you feel movement but you can’t see it. Without the blinking lights or a way to tell the time can you tell how long you have traveled? LED lights and dinging noises where created to show just what floor you are on for your convenience. There are many who fear the fall of an elevator. Janice was no exception; she disliked trusting her life to a machine no matter how unlikely an accident truly was. She felt like a cat in Schonder’s experiment every time she entered the 4.5ft X 6ft box. It was the quickest way to the lobby as she left the small five story hotel however.

Clicking the L symbol for lobby, she watched the doors slowly cut her off from the rest of the world. Her heart nearly jumped into her mouth when the lights blinked. With one hand griping the metal railing that wraps around the inside of the elevator, she reached out the push the door open button but as she could feel the machine jerk and start moving down she gave up the notion of getting off. She watched the lights blink as the elevator passed each floor. A ding sounded off each of the floors down. 4…3…2… As the lights light up on the L button and the ding sounded she moved towards the door, but the elevator did not stop. She looked at the control panel again to be sure she hit the right button. Sure enough a green LED was light around the L showing the floor she wished to get off.

As Janice tried hitting the L button again, the elevator reached the B1 floor with a ding. The Led around the B1 symbol showed her where she was. B1 being the last floor she expected the elevator to stop and the doors to open, but strangely they did not. By all indication of the lights she should be at the last floor, yet she could still feel the elevator moving down. She looked at the control panel for a moment and decided to try the intercom button that was meant to be used for emergencies. Hitting the symbol with a phone on it and waiting for a moment…nothing happened. She tried once again…nothing. Panic was starting to fill the young woman, she reached for her cell phone only to be greeted with a black screen, and it refused to turn on. She then pushed the emergency button shaped like an alarm bell. Again there was no response. She tried pushing all the buttons in a panic, but the elevator still moved ever downwards with no way for Janice to tell where she was.

Time moved slowly in the little box, Janice had no way to tell how long she had been moving downwards but it felt like hours. Her throat hurt from yelling, and she was tired from jumping and waving her arms in an effort to catch the attention of a camera that most shortly is on the elevator somewhere. She tried prying the doors open, and climbing to the top but both efforts failed. She sat in the corner of the square box, defeated and afraid. What abyss was she traveling to as she felt the slow downward movement.

Janice had no idea how long she waited, but she was hungry and tired. She was unsure if she was day had come on the outside world, or if anyone was looking for her. A loud ding shocked her out of her thoughts….the elevator had stopped moving. The doors opened, and outside them was darkness unlike any she had ever seen. The lights of the elevator showed nothing outside the little box Janice had been trapped in so long. She tried throwing her shoe out but it made no sound and seemed to only be swallowed up by the darkness. Janice lifted herself to her feet and started walking…walking out the elevator. She rather face the darkness then makes the elevator her coffin.

The moment she stepped past the doors, they closed behind her. She watched as the last of the light slowly faded away leaving her in only darkness. Not all chose as Janice, others wait in the elevator till starvation and dehydration take their course but they all share the fate of being lost. Another missing person to the outside world and any attempts to find them fail. Footage of such elevators will show that the person in question never stepped foot in them.


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