Pot Hole

It’s been two days since I fell into a hole. Gravity kept slowly pushing me down, further and further into the black. Every moment the walls would get tighter and tighter. I could hear voices above me, people chatting from the street above me. I scream and scream for help but my voice could not reach them. Something caused sound only to echo down into the dammed abyss.

It had been a cold winter, potholes have become a common sight in the city. I was walking home from work, it was late and chilly. The strong winds blow on the fences causing a rattling sound to be constant. I must have past that alleyway for six years without so much of giving it a glance. However that day I heard a whimper sounding something like a dog. That is when I saw a hole. I worried an animal might be trapped and pulled out my phone to try and add some light. When I leaned over to look inside….i don’t remember how I slipped in. I only remember falling.

The hole was not a straight path down, it had a curve. Its size was so small I could not even lift my hands in front of my head. Past the first feet, my descent had been slow. Only moving inches by the hour, slowly slowly downward. The light of my cellphone was the first to die; I frantically tried dialing any number on it to no avail. Even if I could see the screen, it seemed I could not get a signal out. Hours passed and the day must have come. I could see no sun, but the streets above could be heard at their busiest. I spent hours yelling till my throat burned in pain. The people sounded so close, but I was so far down that the sun could not reach. After many more hours my mouth was dry, my tongue was swollen as I grow more and more dehydrated. My hunger did its best to keep up with my dehydration, starving I was growing weak and dizzy.

The situation had caused me to question my sanity. I went through periods of anger and grief. I feared dying and grow ever more angry and the voices of the people above, sometimes deciding they could hear me, but just ignored my plight. At times I thought I could see things moving in the darkness in front of me, but I know this should be impossible without any light. Two days I’ve been stuck in this hell, I was ready to die, I had no more hope. I was hungry, and thirsty. My body had grown tired, and weak. Even if I was saved, i doubt i look like the man i once was. I gave a curse to the voices and people above when I felt a jab in my face. I could feel a trickle of blood drip from the spot. My first instinct was to wipe the spot with my hand, but my hands could no longer move. Then I felt it again, like a pinch, and I could feel blood fill to the spot. Again this happened, sending a shock of pain down my body, after so long of being sensory deprived. The pain came more and faster, I struggled to move away but only slipped further and further down. I soon realized what was happening, something was biting me. The Bites came faster, and I could feel blood ooze over my face. I tried to scream, but I had no voice left to do so. I could not see what was eating me alive, just the scratching of small claws on rock and the pain of each tiny bite into my flesh. I pray I go into shock soon, and leave this dark place.



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